The Inman System – Putting the Heart and the Soul in Both Your Business and Your Life

 The Inman System helps you build a lasting business and have a memorable life too

Why Might You Be Looking For A System & What Challenges Do You Currently Face?

Most people you talk to nowadays would like more time to do the things they love and more money to do them with. Imagine if you could love your business and love your time outside of work…

If you are in business for yourself or you hold an executive role, would you like to find ways to do any or all of the following things?

     √     Increase your business turnover and profitability

    √      Improve your systems, efficiency and productivity

   √       Recruit and train better people to make things happen for you and for them

   √      Develop better strategic plans so you enjoy improved and lasting results

   √      Define and improve your marketing strategy and systems for more market share

   √      Achieve success both at your work and in your life

   √      Work smarter, improve your cash flow & eventually exit with the best possible payout

Would you like to sharpen your skills in any of the following areas?

  √      Improve your attitude, empower yourself and develop a winning mindset

  √      Enhance your leadership and relationship skills so your teams will want to follow you

  √      Learn how to systemise, automate and delegate so you can be more effective and enjoy greater work/life balance

Would you like to redefine and focus on your core values in both your work and your life?

If any of the above resonates with you, then please read on… This may just be the thing you’ve been looking for!


Why does Tony Inman do what he does?

Tony Inman has known both the joy of triumphant achievements and the despair of business and life setbacks and has learned from both.

Tony gets a real buzz out of his mission is to inspire and empower others to lead happier, more successful and more fulfilling lives and thus to play his part in helping to make the world a better place for our children and future generations.


How does Tony Inman’s System Work?

By applying sound and proven business and life success principles, Tony Inman has broken down the overwhelming amount of information and tasks into manageable and organised chunks.

With a combination of coaching, mentoring and consulting, Tony helps business owners to apply this knowledge and these systems and processes, infused with cutting edge, NLP tools and techniques, to greatly improve focus, organisation and efficiency. This can be done on a one-to-one basis or in group trainings.


What Makes Tony Inman Qualified to Help You?

With over 35 years of management experience and having personally started over 20 businesses, plus having coached and/or mentored hundreds of business owners and executives and thousands of staff, Tony Inman decided to construct a system that could help people to lead more fulfilling and successful lives.

Tony has been a student of success throughout his own life and has attended many courses and read many powerful books. He is a certified coach and certified advanced practitioner and trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Tony is also a published author on success and his articles have appeared in many magazines and papers such as Business News. His latest book is ‘If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well’. He has also been a mentor at Curtin University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Today Tony is a business and life coach, mentor and consultant as well as a presenter, facilitator and author. His upbringing involved helping out in family tourism businesses on the British Channel Island of Jersey and his initial career was in retail management with the Channel Islands Cooperative Society. Tony progressed rapidly from a Trainee Manager to being the youngest Deputy Store Manager in the company by the age of nineteen.

In December 1985, Tony immigrated to Perth, Western Australia and continued in various types of retail management with companies such as Target, Wonderland of Toys, Big W and Red Dot, along with spells and in insurance sales and financial planning with National Mutual and AMP, and in management consulting with the Adams Group.

In Tony’s time with Target, he achieved the 4th highest departmental sales increase of the company’s 79 stores during peak Christmas trading. At Big W he was the Deputy Manager for the pioneering store to re-brand and have a complete store refurbishment to the Walmart concept, where it became the focal point of the whole company. At Red Dot, Tony helped design the store layout, design and implement the systems, recruit and train the staff and was the first store manager. He subsequently helped open their first twelve stores and trained most of the managers.

In 1996, Tony went into business for himself with a Perth tourist accommodation business, which he expanded before adding a liquor licence. By 2000, Tony began to launch a chain of symbiotic businesses under the Club Red brand name: a car dealership with a servicing workshop; an adventure tours and charters business; a cleaning business; a fleet of 20 hire cars; an office furniture removals business; a recruitment agency; vehicle transport and towing; short term accommodation and property management; and a musical events business.

Tony survived a business divorce where his wife had been his business partner but the effects of that combined with the ‘Global Financial Crisis’ led to him downsizing and disposing of most of his businesses and properties in 2010, so that he could rebuild once again.

He did, however set up a business in the property caretaking niche in 2009 – Club Red Strata Cleaning, and in 2011 Tony began Club Red Inspiration – to inspire, coach and mentor business owners in the SME arena.

Tony embarked on a business tool-sharpening mission and studied NLP with internationally respected trainers, George Faddoul from Sydney, Dr Matt James from Hawaii and Nick Leforce and Karl Buchheit from California. Tony completed coaching certification with international business coaches and NLP trainers, Jeffrey Slater and Kane Minkus. He also studied the Quantum Collapse Process and Breakthrough Experience with Dr John Demartini. Online or home study training has included the works of the internationally famous, Tony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn and Dan Kennedy. Tony has also completed a plethora of formal business courses, initially at Highlands College of Further Education in Jersey, then Curtin University in Perth and the University of Sydney.

Outside of work, Tony has two grown up children and one grandson and is inspired by scuba diving, soccer, flying, beach volleyball, reading, writing books, playing guitar and travelling the world.


What is ‘The Inman System?’

During Tony Inman’s time as a business and life mentor, coach and consultant, he has evolved, tested and proven his own theories to add to his decades of study of both the theoretical and practical works of a large number of internationally-revered coaches and thought leaders.

The Inman System is a concept created by Tony Inman that serves as a harmonised framework for business and life success. Like most conceptual frameworks, it is constantly evolving to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

Tony believes that a business or a career is one part of your life that should fit in a balanced way with the rest of your life. In order for your business to serve you best and to improve your chances of success, it should ideally involve doing something that you love or in which you hold a great interest, or at the very least, something of which you are proud.

  • To maximise your chances of creating a business built to last, you need a combination of factors and skill sets to all pull together, like the pieces of a jigsaw.
  •  To enable you to achieve work/life balance, you need effective strategies and systems. Those same systems will also enable you to increase sales, maximise profits and eventually fulfil your exit or succession strategy.

The Inman System enables you to create a business or career of excellence that is built to last and prosper, whilst simultaneously allowing you to enjoy a memorable life.


To find out how this ‘Inman System’ could help you no matter where you are in the world…

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