A Ripping Yarn

The Parrot and the Lady

The Parrot and the Lady

‘The Parrot and the Lady – Introducing Randy Short 008’ by Tony Inman.

The South Pacific island of Espiritu Santo is the backdrop for this tongue-in-cheek spy thriller.

The action centres on a quest for treasure aboard a WW2 shipwreck whose mysteries link Government secrets of the past with a modern world confused by political correctness.

Randy Short juggles a stable family life with his role of Australian Secret Service Agent. His family vacation is interrupted by a call to duty that will pit him against dangerous foreign operatives in a race to solve the enigma.

From an eclectic cast, the Aussie befriends CIA mercenary Gus McThompkins in their personal ‘War Against Terror.’


Here’s what one reader said:


Mark Raine - Australia

Mark Raine - Australia


“Just read your book. Had a few laughs. Really enjoyed it – a ripping yarn!”

Mark Raine – Australia



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‘Read the book and loved it. I have sent it toNZ to a mate of mine.

It’s something that made me want to feel like I was on holiday and was there.

Spent a lot of time in Vanuatu myself and had a real deja vu trip.’

Gary J Cody – Melbourne, Australia

‘Hey, just finished reading your book – had a good laugh. Well done!!!!!! 🙂

Britt Crockford – Fremantle, Australia

“I’m glad I got your book.”

Dave Covell, Perth Australia

“A ripping yarn. Well done.”

Mark Raine – Somewhere in the middle of Australia

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