Guglielmo Placanica - coaching review Tony Inman

Tony Inman Coaching Reviews: ‘A Sense of Clarity, Conviction and Determination’

Tony Inman Coaching Reviews: ‘A Sense of Clarity, Conviction and Determination’ Coaching is often about helping someone to clear the fog in their mind, because we frequently have the answers deep within us, but sometimes we don’t know the right questions to ask ourselves. When I first met Guglielmo at a business networking event, he

judging or comparing your life with others may not be in your best interests

Be Wary of Judging or Comparing when Using Social Media

Have you ever found yourself judging or comparing your life with others based on what you see on social media? Have you ever found yourself judging or comparing other people’s actions or behaviour based on their latest posts? The bigger question to ask is, “Is this judging or comparing empowering you or dis-empowering you?” I

Is your life tough? asks coach Tony Inman

Why Rupert Told Reginald He Should Be Grateful His Life Was Crap

“My wife just left me, the house burnt down, my dog’s run off and I just got fired!” said Reginald, a miserable looking mouse of a man, his hair unkempt and his clothes crumpled, dejectedly nursing his beer in the darkest corner of the pub. His life sounded like a Country and Western song. “Never

The great ocean views make you smile at Bold Park (Rottnest Island in background)

To Greet or Not to Greet – ‘Why?’ is the Question!

The young, respectable-looking couple bounced cheerfully up the gravel path towards us, chatting happily with each other and breathing in the delightfully fresh morning air of the Zamia Trail at Perth’s Bold Park. Their facial expressions changed however, from a contented beam to a poker face as they realised they were not alone in this

Coach Tony Inman talks about behaviour on aircraft

The Aircraft Behaviour Phenomenon and How That Mirrors Life

The big commercial jet screeched on the bitumen, then rumbled off the runway, slowing as it turned to taxi to the disembarkation gate at Perth airport. The stewardess made the usual announcement about keeping your seatbelts fastened and not switching on mobiles until we were inside the terminal building, yet even before she had finished,

My friend - the coffee machine

What to Do When Your Coffee Machine Dies and Other First World Problems…

  Life as we know it has changed forever…Yes that day has come, and all too quickly I might add, when my coffee machine has inexplicably stopped working, right in the middle of making me a delicious and much-needed mocha. I was counting on that mocha to give me inspiration for my next blog when