Bad Stress or ‘Distress’

Is life getting on top of you? Do you feel under stress?

Stress can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious or even ill.

Stress is a word that is widely used in our modern world, and whilst it can be a good thing, we mostly hear it in a negative context.

“I feel so stressed!”

– If you’ve found yourself saying this, then I’m guessing it’s not usually something you’d be feeling too happy about?

Statistics are showing massive increases in cases of depression, anxiety or poor mental health, often brought on by the effects of stress.

Stress is the body’s way of responding to demand or pressures and it can be caused by both good and bad experiences.

The human body reacts by making adrenalin and increasing  production of a stress hormone called cortisol. You might be sitting in an office but your body decides that you need to activate your ‘fight or flight’ response. This is the stuff that helped primitive man either fight, or run away from, dangerous creatures like dinosaurs!

Unless you actually do fight or flea, your body then has to cope with trying to disperse these things, which if it can’t, will build up in the blood and wreak havoc on your mind and body.


Good Stress or ‘Eustress’

Tony Inman will help you overcome your fears and move forwards. Good stress can help you gain momentum.

Eustress can build excitement and momentum

But what about the so-called good stress?

This was defined by a Canadian biochemist, Hans Selye of McGill University in Montreal in 1936 (Source: Psychology Today). Eustress creates a heightened sense of arousal that can invigorate you and may be linked with a tangible goal.

This cortisol disperses upon completion of the task, whereas the cortisol caused by distress doesn’t.


Business Stress

Is the idea of coping with change stressing you out?

Business can be a lonely place!

An obvious cause of distress can be the feelings of isolation and anxiety when things are not going as well as they should be in your business. When you’re the boss, it can be quite a lonely place.

This is where having a coach or mentor can help you enormously to feel supported, confident and enabled.

Many of my clients have described such feelings, but fortunately most reported these being replaced by feelings like ‘inspired’ and ‘determined’ as I helped them gain clarity, develop strategic plans and implement them successfully.


Life Stress

Life pressures can cause stress. Tony Inman can help you manage stress

Frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed? Call Tony Inman for help.

There are so many things that can cause stress in life, such as relationship break-ups, redundancies, business failures, health problems, drug or alcohol dependency and financial problems, to name but a few. These kinds of stress-inducers can cause massive mental and physical health issues, affect logical decision-making and increase the risks of depression or shortened life expectancy.

I have to put in my disclaimer here that I’m not a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Doctor or Financial Planner, but I am a Certified Coach and Certified Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I’ve helped many clients to specifically define the problems, develop new life strategies and work those plans to help turn their lives around and enable them to move towards their goals.

Managing Stress

If you want to make changes effectively in your life, call 'the Change Catalyst' Tony Inman

Call me for a chat about your situation

There’s that old saying that ‘A problem shared is a problem solved’. I can’t guarantee to solve all your problems, but I know that I’ve helped many people and businesses to manage stress more effectively and harness the power of eustress to create forward momentum and instill confidence.

It all begins with a risk-free decision on your part, to contact me so we can talk.

If you don’t do anything, things will probably get worse, but if you make the decision to start with a phone call or an email, they may just get amazingly better!

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