The following is a list of services I offer and roles I fulfil:


The Inman System is a Business and Personal Management SystemSimplifying Your Success with My Holistic Business and Personal Management System

The Inman System – a holistic approach to simplify your success





Get more out of life with great strategies and tips from Tony InmanSimplifying Your Success with Business Development Services

Entrepreneur and potential business associate – Helping to Develop New Ideas, Ventures and Connections 

Business Strategist – Helping you Think and Act Strategically; Brand Development

Business Coach – Clarifying Objectives, Developing Plans and Holding You Accountable

Business Mentor – Guiding You from Experience

Business Consultant – Advising or Reporting on Specific Projects or Aspects of Your Business

Business Presenter – Teaching and Developing Business Owners, Executives and Teams to Build Businesses that Last

Business Trainer – Training Individuals and Teams on Specific Skill-sets and Knowledge (E.g. NLP Basics; Team-Building and Leadership)

Tony Inman is an a


Simplifying Your Success with Personal Development Services

Lifestyle Strategist – Helping You Define What You Want and Why, then Chunking that Down; Work/Life Balance Creation

Life Coach – Helping You Set Goals and Achieve them; Helping You Deal with Crisis and Transition (especially Mid-Life Crisis)

Personal Development Presenter – Teaching and Developing People to Create Memorable Lives Using Mind-power and NLP

Trainer – Training Individuals and Teams on Specific Skill-sets, Knowledge and Thinking

Author – Published writer of Self-Help books