‘Why Loving The Work You Do Makes A Difference…’ – Claire Boardman, England

I thought I’d share this testimonial from the past because it demonstrates the way I have always run my businesses – I have always believed that it is all about the people.

From 1996 to 2010, one of my main businesses was a budget accommodation lodge for tourists, or as we call them in Australia, a backpackers hostel. In those 14 years, I met in excess of 35,000 people, a significant number of whom I befriended. Many of these amazing people have stayed in touch, for which I feel truly blessed.

This message from Claire seemed to sum it up pretty well. For me, if you love what you do for a living, and you focus on helping those around you, it often doesn’t really feel like work at all!


Claire Boardman from Stoke, UK

“As one of the most life changing experiences was due to you (Tony) having run your tourist accommodation business, I’ve thought I really should take the time to tell you how absolutely amazing my few times staying at your premises back then, actually were…

I remember arriving in Perth Airport with Jadie and Sarah in Feb 2006, overwhelmed by the heat and quite anxious as completely unaware of what to expect..

Sarah had randomly come across your business online and booked us in for I think around a week or two, on day one of our adventures I knew I’d be staying for a lot longer than anticipated.. Around 7 months in total I think we stayed with you!!

Swedish Dan came in the company van and whisked us off to the ‘Hotel California…’ I celebrated my 19th birthday in your bar.

You were like a father pickin me up from the bus/train station after I went galavanting working random pubs those few weeks (quite skimpily haha)… We have spent hundreds of nights sitting around singing til the early hours of the morning while you played your guitar… Harrassed you in your office with those cans of red bull haha… I’ve worked for you, laughed with you and loved every minute of time with you..

Basically Tone I just want to say that you really are one of the best people I met on my travels and I will never forget you.. And if it weren’t for you making this place such a great home to live in I would never have gotten so close to the people I did, we only stayed because it was our home…

So basically thank you for everything and I am sooooooo happy that next time I finally make it over I may still have a chance of catching up with you in Perth again…

Lots of love and hugs from around the world…”

Claire Boardman

Stoke-on-Trent England

Thank you Claire for your kind words and friendship.

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