Gordy from Scotland

Another guy who stayed at Tony’s tourism business in Perth, Western Australia and had a blast was Gordy from Scotland.

Gordon had one of the best times in his life at Tony’s establishment and has travelled widely.

“I went backpacking in 2001 and landed in Perth. Luckily the first hostel I saw advertised was Redbacks, so that’s where I went and that’s where I stayed for the majority of my year in Oz! Some would say I wasted my year’s visa, as I only traveled in Oz for three months and spent approximately eight in Redbacks, but I stick by my decision and have no regrets whatsoever.

It was an amazing place to stay and party and work, as I even had the job of night porter and general handyman (it kept me from partying 24/7, seven days a week). I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It is a place that helped me change my life and I will never forget it . . . and I WILL return!!!”

Gordon (the rowdy northern pomme) Douglas, November 2005


Tony at Rottnest

Tony’s viewpoint:

“Travel will change your life for the better. It exposes you to different cultures and people who do things differently, people who live their lives differently.

It also gives you some great new perspectives on yourself and that’s priceless!”

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