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“I believe in giving owners of small and medium businesses a helping hand. When we start out, we can’t possibly know everything, so it’s really invaluable if you have someone experienced whom you trust that you can call for advice. Later on, as you grow your business, you come against obstacles. At Curtin Uni they called it ‘hitting the wall’. It’s a barrier that’s really hard to cross because you’re venturing into new territory. That’s again when having a mentor, someone who’s been there and done it, can lift a huge weight off your shoulders. By working with me, you make time to work ON your business and not just IN your business.”

Tony Inman

Tony Inman mentors owners of small and medium businesses to achieve their goalsThe most common reason I hear as to why business owners don’t engage a mentor is that they think they can’t afford one. Later on they may come to the realisation that there can be a huge cost in not having one!

Most business owners work hard and they at least try to learn from their mistakes so that they don’t make them again.

The smarter business owners may still work hard, but they work smarter rather than harder. The reason? They learn from other people’s mistakes!

Coach Tony Inman says learn from other people's experience - both good and bad

I’ve made the mistakes for you!

You can believe me when I say that I have made plenty of mistakes over the years.

My clients, however, find themselves in a fortunate position – I’ve made the mistakes already, so they don’t have to!

It’s good to learn from people’s successes, and I’ve managed to get plenty of runs on my scoreboard over the years. It’s equally important to learn from people’s errors – it’s a lot cheaper that way.

Business mentor Tony Inman gives you ideas and inspires you to take action

I provide ideas and encourage action

Another of the great advantages I have is simply that I’m not YOU. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. I simply mean that I’m not as emotionally attached or as embroiled in the day-to-day grind and overwhelming distractions as you may be. Thus, I can be more objective and I can help you to find better questions to challenge yourself to look for better ways of doing things.

One of my mentoring clients, Jodie Goobie-Mathews recently said to me, “We love it when you come and see us Tony. We might be tired from work but we always end up so inspired and energised by the time you leave.”

I can easily adapt my business system to the needs of your specific business – I call it The Inman System’. There are a couple of ways I conduct business mentoring:

Individual Mentoring – This is where I work one-on-one or one-on-two if it’s a partnership or a husband and wife team. We agree a set number of meetings over an agreed period, according to the budget, and we create an action plan to effect the changes necessary for you to not only grow your business, but also to consolidate it. This may be conducted at your home, your business or even occasionally at a coffee shop. I do often extend this to running sessions for your key people or management teams. Meeting times are agreed and fixed, but may be more flexible than with group sessions. To get an idea of what to expect, another client, Kel Shipton described working with me as like ‘having an angel on his shoulder!’

Distance Mentoring – In this day and age, I can help people wherever they are in the world as long as we both have an internet or telephone connection. Using either Skype, Google hangouts, Instant Messenger or a phone call, we can work together. I have had clients in London, the East coast of Australia and some who were travelling from one country to another. Distance is no longer a barrier.

Mentoring means you make time to work ON your business, instead of just IN it!

Mentoring means you make time to work ON your business, instead of just IN it!

Group Mentoring –conducted in a workshop style in a classroom arrangement.

Disadvantages: This is slightly less personal than mentoring dedicated specifically to you, so my time is split between different attendees.

Advantages: You discover that other attendees with completely different businesses may still experience exactly the same challenges as you do. Often, they are able to offer solutions from within the group. That is the advantage of synergy – many heads are better than one. Also, you block out that time in your diary because you treat it like a business appointment. Networking also occurs naturally within the group as you find other group members may have products or services that are of use to you.

The first step to all of these types of mentoring is for us to get together for what I call a ‘Discovery Session’. That enables us to get to know each other better, discuss what you want to achieve and to see if it is a match. If so, we agree on the way forwards and make a standard agreement.

To learn how you can work ON your business, instead of just IN it, contact me on the website form or leave me a message on (+61) (8) 93282203 and I’ll get back to you to organise a meeting over a cup of tea or coffee.


Leroy Brown recommends business coach, Tony Inman“I still don’t know exactly what it was that Tony did or said, but something’s really clicked inside my head and I feel completely different – I’ve got so much more confidence.

That started even after the first session!

Since then, we’ve transformed my business.

I’ve now got a unique brand and some systems that have made things much more professional. I’m getting more calls and making more money on a consistent basis and our goals are much clearer.

Working with Tony has really made a huge difference to our business and our lives.”

Leroy Brown – Owner of Leroy Brown Carpentry, Perth, WA


George Bastoli says Business Mentor Tony Inman will help you get results“I’ve never met a more genuine individual who has such a devotion to providing authentic results.

Since my time knowing Tony, he has mentored and coached me, allowing me to experience more and more about myself, empowering me to aid others.

Through his support and guidance I have been able to achieve a level of myself that was once a myth to me.”

George Bastoli – Managing Director, Leveredge, Sydney NSW


Esme Short recommends Business Mentor Tony Inman“Tony is very passionate about his work and is very professional in imparting his knowledge to help and inspire people to achieve their goals and dreams.”

Esme Short – Business Owner, E.J. Photography, Hobart, Tasmania