A goal is more than a dream; it’s a dream being acted upon.

goal-settingNow that the turkey’s been gobbled, the mince pies dispensed and the Christmas decorations packed away for another year, I wonder how we’re all going with those New Year Resolutions?

If you’re finding yourself struggling already with ‘that thing’ and we’ve only just started the New Year, don’t despair, there’s good news – “Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!”

There’s no point worrying about what you intended to do yesterday, but didn’t do, for whatever reason. Yesterday is gone. The present is here right now.

chocolate cake

Go on - a little bit won't hurt you!

Life doesn’t always go as planned – sometimes a road block means you have to drive down a detour to end up where you wanted to be.

Isn’t it always the case that when you start a diet, someone insists you eat a piece of chocolate cake and you don’t want to offend them?

Never mind – start again! This time – write it down and make it ‘real’.

Don’t let a small slip throw you off the path to success!

David J Scwartz

“A goal is an objective, a purpose. A goal is more than a dream; it’s a dream being acted upon. A goal is more than a hazy “Oh I wish I could.” A goal is a clear “This is what I’m working toward.”

David J. Schwartz from “The Magic of Thinking Big”

Professor Schwartz was considered a leading American authority on the topics of motivation and leadership.

He was a big dreamer, a big thinker and a big doer. His books have influenced thousands of people to be successful at whatever is their chosen path.

Start with small steps – “A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step” and keep going.

Have a clear picture of where you are heading and you’ll undoubtedly find the obstacles easier to overcome.

Know what it is that you don’t want, eg maybe you don’t want to smoke anymore, but keep clearly in your mind’s eye what you do want, eg the healthier body you will have because you no longer smoke.

The positive thing toward which you are progressing is always the more important because the sub-conscious mind can’t tell the difference between negative and positive.

In the ‘giving up smoking’ example, it’s more important to think about the healthy body you will gain and plan what other rewards you can have with the money you will have saved by not smoking, than it is to focus on the negative of ‘giving up’ something you have previously found enjoyable.

That positive focus is what can carry you through the ‘weak moments’ when the cravings for the old, unwanted habit occur.

So write down those goals, look at them daily and take action now!


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