Tony Inman Seminar – Empower Yourself For Success in 2013 and Beyond

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Imagine a life where you could walk tall every day with that inner glow of knowing that you are steadily moving towards your goals

Imagine a life where you could feel confident and in control of your destiny

Imagine a life where you could feel happy, safe and loved

Imagine a life filled with success, for which you feel truly blessed.


This is a seminar for: People who want to develop and grow themselves, and / or their businesses.

People who seek greater understanding of what ‘success’ means to them, what perhaps may currently be blocking them and that they, and only they, can design the life they truly want for themselves.


Empower Yourself for Success

Empower Yourself for Success

You will leave this seminar with:

•    A greater understanding of who you are and why.

•    An understanding of how to replace disempowering habits and beliefs with empowering ones.

•    Knowledge and understanding of the Laws of Success.

•    An awareness of how great leaders influence people and how you can too.

•    Some processes and techniques that, if followed, can transform your life!

Next Session : To Be Advised

 Eventbrite - ‘Empower Yourself For Success in 2013 and Beyond’


Tony Inman believes in 'Living the Dream'

Tony Inman believes in ‘Living the Dream’

About The Speaker – Tony Inman – ‘The Reinvention Specialist’

Tony Inman is an entrepreneur, author, presenter, business owner and executive coach and consultant.

With over 33 years of managerial experience and having set up 19 of his own businesses, he typically works with business owners and executives to transform their lives and businesses so that they can achieve the things they really want.

Tony is a Certified Master Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

He has also been a mentor at the Curtin University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship in Perth WA and is the co-author of ‘How to Get a Bigger Bite out of Life’.

In his spare time, Tony is an adventurer, who walks the talk by living life to the full, travelling the world and achieving new goals. He has engaged in pursuits such as scuba diving with sharks, flying light aircraft, swimming under waterfalls, hot air ballooning, writing books, performing music gigs and even busking.  His maxim is ‘Living the Dream’.


A Selection of Seminar Testimonials

Bernie Kroczek thinks we need to be reminded

Bernie Kroczek

‘I think it’s really important to know this stuff, and even if we think we do, we all need to be reminded of it as often as possible because we forget’.  Bernie Kroczek – Real Estate Principal

Mark Rodoreda thought Tony's seminar was amazing!

Mark Rodoreda

‘That was amazing. Wow – I really enjoyed that and I took loads of notes.’ – Mark Rodoreda – Business Coach and Consultant

Diane Wilson found it really useful

Diane Wilson

‘Thank you so much Tony. I found that really useful. Well done!’ – Diane Wilson – Accountant

Julienne Wallace said she learned heaps!

Julienne Wallace

‘I really identified with some of the examples you gave Tony. We both did in fact…And we’re buying your book as well. We both learnt heaps!’ – Julienne Wallace – Socialite

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Event Hosts – Club Red Consulting

Tony Inman is the Managing Director of the Perth-based business, Club Red Consulting, which helps clients with business and lifestyle.

Tony’s  business development strategies, along with strategies for personal growth and development are based on real hands-on experience, not just intellectual theory.

Tony Inman Lives the Dream


Entry : $27.50 (Includes tea, coffee & snacks)
Partner Discount : Bring Your friend or partner with you for half price
Students under 18 years old : Free

Next Session : To Be Advised

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Eventbrite - ‘Empower Yourself For Success in 2013 and Beyond’