Seminar – Effective Leadership Secrets so You Can Win the Rat Race and Design Your Life!

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Effective Leadership Secrets so You can Win the Rat Race & Design Your Life!

So what do we mean by ‘The Rat Race?’…

Well, do you ever feel like you’re working really hard, yet not getting the results in life that you feel you deserve?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, stressed or burnt out?

Do you ever feel like it’s ‘Groundhog Day?’ – as if every day is the same as the last.

If the answer to any of those is ‘Yes’, then at least take heart from the fact that you are not alone.

What if though, instead of being ‘stuck’ in the rat race, you could figure out how to move forwards and design the kind of life that you would rather have?

What if you could live in the home you really wanted, travel to the places you really wanted to visit, enjoy the trappings of success that are meaningful to you personally?

How is it that some people live the kind of life style that you see in films and magazines?

Cocktails anyone?

Cocktails anyone?

Imagine if, just by making a few subtle changes, you could have less stress and frustration and enjoy more of the good life that these people seem to lead?

In this thought-provoking seminar, presenter and transformational coach and consultant, Tony Inman dispels some of the myths around what it takes to be successful.

Having studied some of the world’s most successful leaders for over 40 years, Tony then shares some of the secrets that set these people apart from the rest.

Tony Inman not only teaches 'Living the Dream' - he does it!

Tony Inman not only teaches ‘Living the Dream’ – he does it!

Attendees will learn How You Can:

  • Become crystal clear about what you really want in both your work and personal life
  • Identify and break through the obstacles to success
  • Become the kind of leader who can guide your family and others to the next level
  • Get the edge, harnessing the power of some basic tools in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Here’s a selection of comments from previous participants:

Bernie Kroczek thinks we need to be reminded

‘I think it’s really important to know this stuff, and even if we think we do, we all need to be reminded of it as often as possible because we forget’.  Bernie Kroczek – Real Estate Principal
Mark Rodoreda thought Tony's seminar was amazing! ‘That was amazing. Wow – I really enjoyed that and I took loads of notes.’ – Mark Rodoreda – Business Coach and Consultant
Diane Wilson found it really useful ‘Thank you so much Tony. I found that really useful. Well done!’ – Diane Wilson – Accountant
Julienne Wallace said she learned heaps!
‘I really identified with some of the examples you gave Tony. We both did in fact…And we’re buying your book as well. We both learned heaps!’Julienne Wallace – Socialite


To register for the event, click here : Eventbrite - 'Effective Leadership Secrets so You Can Win the Rat Race & Design Your Life!'