Eco-Terrorism or Eco-Heroism?

Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd

I am proud to wear the tee shirts, caps and any other promotional merchandise that helps promote this organisation, whilst contributing to their cause, because I am a scuba diver who has an affinity with our marine life. I’m also a human being with an affinity for this planet.


The following is a debate I just had on facebook that outlines why we must become aware of how the actions of Japan impact on every human being on this planet.

If this is true, (the article below) it doesn’t impress me very much at all.

Right now, the Japanese whaling fleet is hunting thousands of majestic whales — guarded by a 30-million-dollar security force paid from disaster relief money! Meanwhile, Japanese children are stranded in radioactive areas with no funds to move away. Join the call to save kids, not whalers!
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      • Brett KibblewhiteThis story was broken bout ten days ago and never got any traction. What a world we live in eh.

        12 hours ago ·
      • Tony InmanI was on a course and didn’t see much of the news. I’m glad to report that Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd crew are on the case to save the whales at least. Sad about the children though.

        11 hours ago ·
      • Brett KibblewhiteYeah it’s f****d. Sorry I couldn be more eloquent. Paul Watson is one of the great men of our time Ant – I know you know this.

        11 hours ago ·
      • Roelof EggensPaul Watson is not more than a Pirate, he has no respect for the laws at sea and he is bringing his personel, Emergenci response teams and the japanese vessels in a big danger. Im not saying that i agree with the japanse slaugter, absolute not. but what he is doing is out of line a big time.

        9 hours ago ·
      • Brett KibblewhiteSo whats your solution then Champ? You keeping them all to yourself?

        about an hour ago ·
      • Roelof EggensI have no solution for this mate, im not in the politics, but thats where they have to cut this down. Im à lot at sea and he is not some1 who supose to be à captain

        27 minutes ago ·
      • Tony InmanThanks Brett for your support. I decided to delay until I could give a more considered answer, so I went for a walk. In NLP we are taught that everyone has positive intention in their actions, even the burglar who robs our home, does so for his own reasons, perhaps to feed his family. The Japanese sailors probably believe they are right as they hunt whales to feed their families, like generations before them did. Roelof, as a man of the sea believes he is right to criticise Sea Shepherd because they do not conform to ‘safe sailing practices’. cont.

        11 minutes ago ·
      • Tony InmanHere’s the thing – if the Japs don’t stop killing whales, they will disappear from our oceans and the whole marine eco systems will be altered and damaged forever, perhaps terminally. Captain Paul Watson is seen by his enemies as a terrorist. To me, he is a hero – a man who has devoted his life to protect our eco-systems. Like Ghandi, he has resisted without violence. He has never killed or injured a Japanese sailor. He has just placed his ship between the whale killers and the whales, thus preserving the lives of thousands of peaceful creatures. cont.

        6 minutes ago ·
      • Tony InmanRoelof, if you are a man of the sea, then I would have thought you would respect and understand Captain Watson’s intentions. He is the only one who has had the balls to make a stand and really take action to protect our marine eco-systems, even when the Australian Government promised support and didn’t keep those promises. The Japanese are breaking International whale protection agreements, but no-one else is doing anything to stop them.

        4 minutes ago ·
      • Tony InmanTo say you are not in politics is a cop out. Every human being on this planet is in politics, because it’s our planet, and I for one would like the planet to survive for my grandchildren. Hunting species to extinction is not only unacceptable, it’s incredibly short-sighted and irresponsible. End of rant. Thanks for reading.
    Capt Paul Watson

    Capt Paul Watson

    If anyone would like more information, their facebook page is Sea Shepherd International. Their website is

My suggestion is that money is allocated to educate the Japanese about alternative means of providing the food, whale oil, or whatever resources they are currently gaining from killing whales.

My recommendation to the Australian Government is to stop being fearful of upsetting the Japanese Government, grow a pair, and provide some naval vessels to help Captain Paul Watson.

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