Let’s Start With…Why am I a Business Consultant?;  

What Can You Expect From Tony Inman – ‘The Business Consultant?’;

and How Can I Inspire You?


“I believe that we can often become so immersed in our business thoughts, ideas and just dealing with the daily grind that ‘we often can’t see the wood for the trees’. Bringing in an external consultant with a specific set of skills can often provide fresh insights into old problems, change them into opportunities to grow and add tremendous value to what we are doing. I get a real buzz out of helping people and inspiring them to make positive improvements to their businesses and their lives.”

Tony Inman

Tony Inman is an Australian Business Consultant with many years experience who can help you grow your business AND create a memorable life

Tony Inman – Business Consultant

I have often used consultants to help me develop my businesses because I realised early on that you can’t know everything and you can’t do it all by yourself.

Having built many small businesses myself, I understand why we all  like to tinker and have a go at doing things ourselves. Finance and cash flow play a huge part in that obviously because we couldn’t afford to just get everything done by consultants. Quite often it’s when we have a go at something and realise that there’s a lot more to it than we first thought that we can get ourselves into a bit of a pickle.


A consultant like Tony Inman can help you strategise, plan & organise

A consultant can help you strategise, plan & organise

I’ve certainly been guilty of that over the years, but it’s also how I’ve learnt about my strengths and weaknesses. The key to it is balance and planning.

Do what you can but be willing to bring in the specialists when you can afford them as well, sometimes even when you first think you can’t afford them. Plan for it and budget for it.

The real cost of NOT investing money in consulting advice may often turn out to be more than the saving that you think you have made by doing it all yourself!

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One of the main reasons people don’t employ consultants is that they think they can’t afford them. On many occasions those same people will realise later that, had they brought in a consultant, the boost that this expertise would have given them would have far outweighed the perceived cost, either by saving them more money or by generating more revenue and profits.


I wear different hats in my role – sometimes it’s the Coach’s hat, sometimes the Mentor’s and sometimes the Consultant’s. In any event, those hats sit on the head of an experienced businessman and entrepreneur.

Consultant Tony Inman helps business owners to find solutions and move forwards

I will help you find the way

What you CAN definitely expect from me as a business consultant is that I will help you establish exactly what it is that you really want to achieve and why. I’ll also help you devise some strategies to overcome whatever it is that is currently stopping you from already achieving your objectives and goals.

If it’s something that I can help you with, I will draw up a proposal of what it will involve and what it will cost, so that we both know exactly what we’ve agreed to. If it’s an area that requires external help, then I will either refer you to someone I know and whose work I trust, or I will negotiate with them for you to bring their expertise into the project.

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Business Consultant Tony Inman often becomes a Project Manager for his clients

I often become a Project Manager for my clients

I often find myself as a sort of Project Manager for my clients – helping them to achieve specific objectives or goals. I operate in accordance with my values of honesty and integrity. If I don’t know something, I do my best to find the answers for you from someone who does know.

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My business experience has been very varied, so I have picked up a lot of strange and useful knowledge along the way. My background has been in retail, tourism, hospitality, transport, insurance, direct sales and marketing, online and social media marketing, event planning and promotions. I’ve set up around 20 businesses and I’ve experienced both setbacks and triumphs, learning equally from both.

The people I’ve helped have been in the most diverse businesses imaginable, from professionals like accountants, insurance brokers, real estate agents and communications consultants to tradies like carpenters and landscapers, to small business owners like a dance studio, an advertising agency, health product distributors or home-based beauty treatments. I find that business problems and opportunities are often the same, no matter what you may be doing.


My typical consulting projects have included objectives like:

  • Developing and writing your business plan
  • Developing and writing your purpose, vision, values and mission statement
  • Developing and writing your marketing and sales plan
  • Developing and writing your human resources or succession plan
  • Reviewing your operational systems and helping you implement changes
  • Developing your business growth strategies
  • Bringing new products or services to market


So, whatever your business needs are, feel free to contact me for a chat either by contact form or by phone – leave me a message on (08) 9328 2203.

If I can’t help you, I will do my best to introduce you to someone who can.


Business owner David Price highly recommends Business Consultant Tony Inman“I felt like my business had become routine and was too dependent on me grinding away day after day.

Tony recently helped me to re-evaluate my goals and direction and together we developed a plan whereby I could build the business, hire and develop new, competent staff and review our systems. I am hoping this will free me up to have more time with my family both here in Australia and overseas. I guess only time will tell.

Tony helped me interview prospective candidates and gave me advice on our business proposition. We are now re-branding our business and I am re-enthused.

 Tony genuinely believes in the people he helps. His business nous is invaluable.

I am happy to recommend Tony’s services to small business owners who seek the benefit of an experienced consultant to give them a fresh perspective.”

David Price

Managing Director, Price Advertising and Consulting

Subiaco, Perth WA


Business owner David Payne is very happy with the consulting services of Perth Business Consultant Tony Inman“Tony has helped me define our company’s purpose, values, vision and mission.

We are now growing our business to the next level with even greater clarity and cohesion.

I think that where he adds the most value is when he comes in and helps owners define what it is that they find hard to, or do not have the time to, articulate.

I am definitely happy. ”

David Payne – CEO, Book Builders – Management Accountants, North Perth WA