Let’s Start With…Why am I a Coach?;  

What Can You Expect From Tony Inman – ‘The Coach?’;

and How Can I Inspire You?


“I believe in really making the most of your life and remembering to stop and smell the roses. One of my friends went to bed one night at the age of 47 and never woke up. That makes you think about just how precious and magnificent life is. I’ve always loved helping people, perhaps because I grew up helping my parents with the family hotel businesses, but I’ve always found that in helping others we also help ourselves, often more so. The world around you is a reflection of you and how you perceive things, so if you change how you think, you also change how you experience life. Sometimes we become stuck with a particular problem or situation and it can help so much to have someone there for you; someone to have as a sounding board; someone who is on your side, both in business and in life. Sometimes we all need that little bit ‘extra’ inspiration to help us discover the ‘extraordinary’ that lies within us.”

Tony Inman


Tony Inman is an international business and life coach based in Perth, Australia

Tony Inman – The Coach AKA The Change Catalyst

There are many reasons why someone might use a coach – you might be asking yourself if you are on track to achieve the things you want; you might feel stuck;  you might know that something needs to change; yet you may not know who to ask for help?

I, Tony Inman and my Associates, through my Company, Club Red Pty Ltd offer coaching services to suit a variety of situations and this is why I have developed my own system, which I call ‘The Inman System’.

Here are a few of the types of coaching that I offer:




What if you were free to live life however you wished?

What if you were free to live your life exactly the way you wanted?



Life Coaching – I help people to set goals,
to BE motivated to become the person they want to become…
to DO what it takes to make it happen…
and effect life changing plans…
so they can HAVE the kind of life they want!

See Life Coaching for more detail.

Executive Coaching can often be about adding new skill sets to managers who wish to advance their careers or possibly start up their own businesses.Work/Life Balance Coaching, can give the individual Business Owner / Manager an edge, so they can:

  •  achieve greater balance,
  • be more effective and therefore…
  • improve business results whilst maintaining…
  • a satisfying personal life in tandem with work commitments.

See Executive Coaching or Work / Life Balance Coaching for more detail.

Tony Inman not only teaches 'Living the Dream' - he does it!

Tony Inman not only teaches ‘Living the Dream’ – he does it!



Tony coaching in Perth

Tony coaching in Perth

Business Coaching – I, Tony Inman and my Associates help Owners / Managers of small and medium enterprises to:

  • develop new strategies and better systems,
  • look at their business with fresh eyes,
  • implement changes to grow or streamline their business,
  • build and train their team and…
  • achieve greater success.
  • See Business Coaching for more detail.



For more information, or simply to arrange a no obligation chat, use the contact Tony  form provided or leave a message on (Overseas +61) (8) 9328 2203 and I will call you back.


Business Owner Jo Saunders highly recommends Business and Life coach Tony Inman“I have know Tony for over two years via a networking group and enjoy his input and coaching advice.

He inspires and motivates those around him and has provided me with some great guidance in business and life.”

Jo Saunders

Wildfire Social Marketing – Positioning Strategist, Social Media Marketing Consultant, Coach and Trainer, Linked In Specialist


Business Owner Lune Lim believes you should grab the chance to work with Coach Tony Inman“Tony is not only an astute coach and mentor, but possesses an exceptional ability to uncover the hidden issues underlying real problems.

His charisma and charm are tantamount to being a true leader, anyone who has a chance to experience working with Tony should grab it!”


Lune Lim

Director, Aspire Developments; Publisher, Aspire Media Australia; Director, Inspired Consulting; Director, Inspired Life Coaching; Strategic Executive Officer at Shaye Paper Products Pty Ltd


John Denton was impressed with the coaching results achieved by Coach Tony Inman“I referred two business owners to Tony a few months ago.

One of them has a business which is owner centric and therefore unsaleable.

The owner is looking to retire and needs help to get the business in to good shape to be able to sell.

Since Tony has been working with him the owner has taken actions which he had previously put off and is now moving forward towards his goal.

The owner speaks highly of Tony and his whole demeanour and outlook on life and business is much brighter.

Well done Tony.”

John Denton – Denton & Associates

Business Ready For Sale Consultant and Business Mentoring Group Facilitator