This is Your Life – To Do With as You Wish



When I hear these four words, I always think of that TV programme – the one where a man in a suit pops out unexpectedly with a big red book in his hand and surprises some celebrity with the words…

“John (or Jane) Dough! You thought you were going to be doing blah, blah, blah tonight, but guess what -you’re not!!!

Instead, we’re taking you directly to our studio where your friends and family are waiting to celebrate your achievements, because tonight, John (or Jane) Dough -“This is Your Life”.

Then they spend the evening bringing out people from the person’s past, many of whom have not been in contact for years. I guess these days, with the advent of facebook and other social media, we tend to track down more of the people who helped us in our journey, than did previous generations.


Well anyway, here’s the thing, I’ve been preaching for some time, via my Perth coaching business, the importance of designing your life so that you get to live it the way you want it to be. If something’s not working or making you unhappy, change it!

I love the great Dr Wayne Dyer’s statement, that ‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience’.

So when I saw this poster, presented as the Holstee Manifesto, I was compelled to share it with my friends, my family, my blog readers and my clients.

I’m not personally a great cyclist, having ‘progressed’ from bikes to motorbikes to cars, (now I’m back on a gym exercise bike so I’ve come full cycle!) but I love the way they have put together this video clip to get across the message.

Enjoy the clip.

Until next time, it’s goodbye from Tony Inman, who’s ‘Living the Dream’. I hope you are too.

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