The Human Experience That Unites Us All


A human reaction

There are moments in life when we glimpse the human spirit in its purest form.

One such moment occurred last weekend in an English Premier League football (soccer) match between Tottenham Hotspur and Bolton Wanderers.

With no other player near him, a 23 year old man named Fabrice Muamba collapsed suddenly in the middle of the pitch.

The emergency response was rapid and it soon became apparent that the situation was serious – he suffered a cardiac arrest AKA a heart attack.

The reaction of the crowd and the players was what was most admirable. Everyone immediately put aside their sporting differences, their regional differences and their partisan passions to become united in hope – that this young man would simply make it through the experience.


“…footballers – for all their wealth, for all the adulation lavished on them, for all their privilege – are simply human beings.
Human beings susceptible to the same slings and arrows of fortune as us. They’re not ­immune from tragedy.

Last night should have ­reminded us of that one ­terrible fact. Idolise them, criticise them, laud them, decry them.

But remember, they are the same as every man, woman and child that loves this beautiful game.”

Andy Dunn – Mirror Sport UK

Here is a report of what happened…

At times like these, we are reminded of our humanity – that deep down we all face our own human struggle for existence and that deep down, we have more in common than we often acknowledge.

Fabrice’s father was a political refugee from Zaire, so you can imagine his pride that his son would succeed in sport to the point of playing football for a top English team, as well as representing England as an Under-21 International.


Fabrice Muamba

Imagine now the pain and fear of a father waiting to see if his son survives the day, as he lies critically ill in hospital.

From all of us in Australia, we send him best wishes, as we do for all around the world who are waiting on news of a critically-ill loved one.

Life is all too short so don’t waste it.

Do what you love and bring joy to others, just as Fabrice has brought joy to his family and his fans.

Fabrice has been living his dream and I hope he recovers and can continue to do so. Are you living your dream?

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