It Shall Be Done


The blue vase

No, this is not a biblical quote.

It’s an extract from a quote, taken from a book written back in 1921 about values that should still be held dear today…

“It shall be done.” ‘Nothing can better summarise the determination, the endurance, the loyalty, the passion, and the personal responsibility of a go-getter. Kindle it in yourself and all shall be done.’

Peter B. Kyne (From ‘The Go-Getter’)

Why a blue vase you ask? Perhaps you’ve heard of the expression, ‘The blue vase award’?

Well, you should really read the book – it’s only a short one, so it doesn’t take you long, but I’ll give you a clue…

In The Go-Getter, Bill Peck, a war veteran, persuades Cappy Ricks, the influential founder of the Rick’s Logging & Lumbering Company, to let him prove himself by selling skunk wood in odd lengths-a job that everyone knows can only lead to failure. When Peck goes on to beat his quota, Rick hands Peck the ultimate opportunity and the ultimate test: the quest for an elusive blue vase. Drawing on such classic values as honesty, determination, passion, and responsibility, Peck overcomes nearly insurmountable obstacles to find the vase and launch hia career as a successful manager. In a time when jobs are tight and managers are too busy for mentoring, how can you maintain positive energy, take control of your career, and prepare yourself to ace the tests that come your way? By applying the timeless lessons in this compulsively readable parable, employees at all levels can learn to rekindle the go-getter in themselves.

Tony’s Viewpoint: ‘Whenever I come up against an obstacle that stands in the way of achieving my goal, I remind myself of the reason why the goal is important to me. That somehow seems to refocus the creative part of my brain to think outside the box and find another way to succeed.

Once you have that mindset, that “It shall be done”, it’s amazing what ideas are borne and what resilience can be found within.

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